Tips for choosing the right web hosting for your website

Whenever we plan to have a website of our own, there are various questions that come into our mind. The first thing that comes to our mind is whether the web hosting services that we have chosen is good or not. These days, factors such as bandwidth and disk storage space really matter a lot and we always become confused over which hosting service we should go with. Here, we will let you get some answers to your queries with some important checklist that will help you in choosing the right web hosting for your online business.

1) Be aware of the hosting needs

You will not be able to grab the perfect web hosting service if you do not have an idea about what you need. So, before moving further you need to think about the goal of your business. This includes,

  • The type of website you want to develop
  • The type of platform for your website
  • Whether you require windows application
  • Any support for a specific king of the script is required
  • Is there any requirement for a particular software for your website
  • How much traffic are you expecting from your website?
  1. Server Reliability and its Uptime Scores

If your website is having a good amount of traffic and generates serious leads, then it is always better to go with a 24×7 operating web hosting service. This is mainly because of the fact you will be receiving traffic to your website from different time zones across the world. In this case, you will always have to go for a web host that is stable in terms of their server performance and network connections. An uptime score of 99.95% is considered to be a normal thing these days, even for shared hosting services. Any uptime scores below 99% are not at all encouraged by the webmasters and there is a premium server hosting accounts that claim to have 99.99% uptime. To get an ultimate web hosting server for your website, you need to go through various reviews of different web hosting services.

3) Options for upgrading your server

As of now, there are various kinds of hosting servers that are available for webmasters and they are Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. The shared hosting services is considered to be the ideal one for beginners in this field such as bloggers and personal website owners. This is also one of the cheapest modes of web hosting.

A Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is almost the same as the shared hosting and it provides one shared physical server. The major difference is that you will be having your own server resources and that is very much separate from the other users.

In the cloud hosting service, there will be a combination of various individual servers that form together to give the feel of a big server. With the cloud-based web hosting service, you can easily scale up or upgrade your existing server as per your requirements. The pricing of such servers will vary based on the respective client’s requirements.

When it comes to the dedicated web server hosting, you will be having an entire physical web server which is very much dedicated to your website. Apart from this, you will also be having full control over the resources of your server and no other websites will be taking up your valuable resources. Hence, in this case, your website will never slow down.

4) Multiple Addon Domains

These days, owning a domain name is very much cheap and anyone can buy a domain name with minimum expense. There are a lot of common people who own more than 100 domain names. As per the survey by Web Hosting Talk, 80% of the voters who participated have more than 5 domain names under their custody and there are 20% of them who owns more than 50 domain names. This is really amazing and most of the time the domain owners will get monetary benefits by owning a large chunk of websites under their name.

  1. Signup and Renewal Price

The shared hosting deals are generally cheap during the time of signup, but we need to know that during the time of the renewal, it might give you a higher billing rate. So never ever go for hosting plans that offer an 80% discount during the initial sign up, as they will recover the discount during the renewal stages.

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