How to Train Your Old Dog to Do New Tricks

If you want to start teaching your old dog to do new some new tricks, or have a new puppy that you want to teach, then you will want to learn all you can about various training methods that will work well with just about any dog. No matter how old your dog is, you can start to teach them a number of tricks without going to a lot of trouble in the process.

One of the more common tricks that people like to teach their dogs is to sit. This is a rather simple one, because it basically involves physically positioning them in the correct posture, then rewarding them. Although you may need to do this a few times before they get it down, it will be a trick that will stay with them for the entire span of their lives.

Some people want to know how to teach their dog to speak. This is a little bit more tricky in the sense that it may take a little bit more time than teaching your dog to sit. How to teach dog to roll over Almost all dogs naturally bark at just about everything, including people passing by outside, the phone ringing, or even the vacuum running. When your dog start to bark, you encourage them by saying “Speak!” and then giving them a treat to praise them.

Teaching your dog to roll over is another simple trick that can be done in just a few days time. It is easier if your dog already knows how to lay down on command, but if they don’t, simply position them in that posture. Once you have them laying down on the floor, you will want to wrap your arms around their mid-section, rolling them over and giving them the proper command in the process. This might take a few tries, because not all dogs are the same, but eventually your pet will get it.

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