Basketball Legend Wilt Chamberlain

Sports trivia aficionados are bound to want to have some Wilt Chamberlain trivia in their repertoires, as he is one of the more well known faces of the game over the last several decades. His name is listed up alongside greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabar or Michael Jordan, and he has surely been one of the most elite athletes to play the game. As with almost any celebrity, the most basic bit of trivia starts with his real name and date of birth. In this case, that would be Wilton Norman “Wilt” Chamberlain, born August 21st, 1936. His nicknames included “Chairman of the Boards”, “the Big Dipper”, and “Wilt the Stilt”.

A Wilt Chamberlain quiz would definitely hit some points of the records that he holds in the NBA, and there are several. He is the all time greatest rebounder, and is the only player to ever score 100 points in a game. He was the first player to both 40,000, and 50,000 points, and among the highest average scorers in the history of the game. Curiously enough, he had one weakness. basketball legends Do you know what that was?

Actually, it was free throw shooting. In addition to his giant plethora of scoring records he also holds the dubious honor of missing the most free throws in a single season, providing a strange combination of both being one of the most dominant scorers in regular play and one of the worst free throw shooters in the game.

Did you know why Wilt Chamberlain played for the Harlem Globetrotters before entering into the NBA? It was because he wanted to start playing professionally before finishing college, and the league had a policy against accepting players who hadn’t finished school yet, so he found a new venue for his skills.

Wilt Chamberlain Trivia of course must contain a survey of his various stays in the NBA. He began as a player for the Philadelphia Warriors in 1959, and would stay through until 1965, including following the Warriors through their relocation to San Francisco. After that season he would be traded back to the new team in Philadelphia, the 76ers. Chamberlain would then move to the L.A. Lakers where he would remain for five years. The move also entailed Chamberlain being offered the largest contract in NBA history, more than twice as much as the previously highest paid player had earned.

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